Our Operations

M&N is a licensed forwarder with a deep knowledge of federal regulations, repairs, periodic tests, marking, cleaning, procurement, leasing and lining of tank containers. Our clients are established multinational chemical companies. M&N offers clients three options of tank acquisition:

  1. M&N leases the tank as agent for the client
  2. Client leases the tank
  3. Client purchases the tank

Client leased/purchased tanks have five important advantages:

  1. The main advantage is the elimination of demurrage after a brief free period at loading/discharge
  2. It offers clients the opportunity to utilize the empty tanks as low-cost storage
  3. It allows clients to mix non-reactive solutions
  4. It allows clients to dilute concentrated solutions and rinse hazardous residues with non-hazardous solvents
  5. The ability to dilute and rinse (as mentioned in 4 above) is an inexpensive way to clean tanks from hazardous residues by successive rinsing with non-hazardous solvents